Presentation 1998/4/23
Security Services for Wide-Area Business Networks
Takeo Hariu, Koichi Nagai,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) With the spread of the Internet, networks are being used for businesses at large. However, security problems always can not be bypassed with such businesses using networks. In this paper, we analyzes various threats in security and measures to meet them from a network service provider point of view. We propose VPN seavice, firewall service, user authentication service, encrytion infrastructure service, and security management seavice as services to provide wide-area secure network services, or to support users to maintain their security.
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Keyword(in English) Internet / network service / security / firewall / encryption / authentication / VPN
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Committee MVE
Conference Date 1998/4/23(1days)
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Registration To Media Experience and Virtual Environment (MVE)
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Title (in English) Security Services for Wide-Area Business Networks
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Keyword(1) Internet
Keyword(2) network service
Keyword(3) security
Keyword(4) firewall
Keyword(5) encryption
Keyword(6) authentication
Keyword(7) VPN
1st Author's Name Takeo Hariu
1st Author's Affiliation NTT Multimedia Netwaorks Laboratories()
2nd Author's Name Koichi Nagai
2nd Author's Affiliation NTT Multimedia Netwaorks Laboratories
Date 1998/4/23
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Volume (vol) vol.98
Number (no) 13
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