Presentation 1995/10/27
A Real-time Expression Modification System Driven by Voice : "Better Face Communication" at SIGGRAPH'95
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Abstract(in English) A synchronization between voice and exppression image given by personified vertual agent and animation character is a very important theme recently. Expecially, there are many reports about a lip sync that synchronizes lip motion and voice. In this paper, a real-time lip sync method for communication system is presented. A spectrum information is calculated form natural voice captured by microphone, and then parameters are converted to a mouth feature parameters based on neural network. A 3D wire frame model is modified by this parameters, a texture of a person is projected onto this model, and the facial expression image is coming out. This algorithm was implemented on a graphics workstation as a real-time system. After capturing a frontal static image and a few voice data of any visitor, he can control his own lip motion and facial expression by himself in this prototype system. This was presented at interactive demonstration in SIGGRAPH'95 and was evaluated.
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Keyword(in English) Virtual Agent / Real-time Face Synthesis / Media Conversion / Lip Sync / 3D Model / Intelligent Communication
Paper # MVE95-45
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Committee MVE
Conference Date 1995/10/27(1days)
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Title (in English) A Real-time Expression Modification System Driven by Voice : "Better Face Communication" at SIGGRAPH'95
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Keyword(1) Virtual Agent
Keyword(2) Real-time Face Synthesis
Keyword(3) Media Conversion
Keyword(4) Lip Sync
Keyword(5) 3D Model
Keyword(6) Intelligent Communication
1st Author's Name Shigeo MORISHIMA
1st Author's Affiliation Faculty of Engineering, SElKEl University()
Date 1995/10/27
Paper # MVE95-45
Volume (vol) vol.95
Number (no) 345
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