Presentation 1995/7/21
Perception of Visual Direction in Three-Dimensional Space with Occlusion
Sakuichi Ohtsuka,
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Abstract(in English) The relationship between occlusion and perceived visual direction (PVD) as well as visual illusion were assessed in three experiments. In the first two experiments, subjects were required to judge the PVD by viewing stereoscopic images with cross or uncross disparities. The results showed (1)all occluded parts (i.e., unpaired regions) were perceived simultaneously by human observers under both conditions and (2)the error in PVD (i.e., violation of the cyclopean eye hypothesis) was observed. In the third experiment, figures that induced amodal shrinkage in Kanizsa's experiment were tested in two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) space. The amount of visual illusion in 3D space was reduced. The difference in effect between the 2D/3D conditions agreed well with estimations using the above-mentioned error. It is therefore suggested that the phenomena that cause amodal shrinkage work as error compensators when observers judge the width occluded objects in normal 3D space.
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Keyword(in English) Stereopsis / Occlusion / Illusion / Perception error / Shrinkage / Visual direction
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Conference Date 1995/7/21(1days)
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Title (in English) Perception of Visual Direction in Three-Dimensional Space with Occlusion
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Keyword(1) Stereopsis
Keyword(2) Occlusion
Keyword(3) Illusion
Keyword(4) Perception error
Keyword(5) Shrinkage
Keyword(6) Visual direction
1st Author's Name Sakuichi Ohtsuka
1st Author's Affiliation ATR Human Information Processing Research Laboratories()
Date 1995/7/21
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