Presentation 1996/6/20
Are ambiguous images uncertain?
Masaomi Oda,
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Abstract(in English) The authors have used a retrieval method to investigate properties related to how humans process facial images. In the retrieval method subjects retrieve a target image, such as a favorite or a happy face, from a database by making a compromise between what they want and what they are presented with. Although important features can be derived without the subject being aware of them, the subject must retrieve many faces and his/her awareness of features can not be discriminated. Using this method, emotionally expressed faces, such as a favorite face and a fierce face, were examined to see flow clearly the human could retain and recognize them. Comparing the results of two retrieval experiments for the same task, the retrieved faces were similar for each one. We can conclude that ambiguous images corresponed with certain abstract images even if the image was not clear like a picture.
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Keyword(in English) Image / Ambiguous / Facial image / Facial features / Emotion
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Conference Date 1996/6/20(1days)
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Title (in English) Are ambiguous images uncertain?
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Keyword(1) Image
Keyword(2) Ambiguous
Keyword(3) Facial image
Keyword(4) Facial features
Keyword(5) Emotion
1st Author's Name Masaomi Oda
1st Author's Affiliation ATR Human Information Processing Research Laboratories()
Date 1996/6/20
Paper # HIP96-10
Volume (vol) vol.96
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