Presentation 1996/6/20
Unique Shape Recovery of a Polyhedron Based on Interreflections
Jun Yang, Dili Zhang, Noboru Ohnishi, Noboru Sugie,
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Abstract(in English) We discuss the uniqueness of 3-D shape recovery of a polyhedron from a single shading image, and propose an approach to uniquely determine the concave shape solution by using interreflections as a constraint. We show that if interreflection distribution is not considered, multiple convex (or concave) shape solutions usually exist for a pyramid with three or more visible facets. However, if interreflection distribution is used as a constraint to limit the shape of polyhedron (for a concave polyhedron), polyhedral shape can be uniquely determined. Interreflections, which were considered to be deleterious in conventional approaches, are an important constraint for shape-from-shading.
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Keyword(in English) Computer Vision / Shape Recovery / Shape-from-shading / Uniqueness of Shape Recovery / Interreflection
Paper # HIP96-2
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Conference Date 1996/6/20(1days)
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Title (in English) Unique Shape Recovery of a Polyhedron Based on Interreflections
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Keyword(1) Computer Vision
Keyword(2) Shape Recovery
Keyword(3) Shape-from-shading
Keyword(4) Uniqueness of Shape Recovery
Keyword(5) Interreflection
1st Author's Name Jun Yang
1st Author's Affiliation Bio-mimetic Control Research Center, RIKEN()
2nd Author's Name Dili Zhang
2nd Author's Affiliation Dept. of Electronic Mechanical Eng., Nagoya University
3rd Author's Name Noboru Ohnishi
3rd Author's Affiliation Dept. of Information Eng., Nagoya University
4th Author's Name Noboru Sugie
4th Author's Affiliation Dept. of Science and Technology, Meijo University
Date 1996/6/20
Paper # HIP96-2
Volume (vol) vol.96
Number (no) 115
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#Pages 6
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