Presentation 2000/5/18
A Fiber-Optic Sensing System Developed for Detection of Isozyme of Cytochrome P450 and its Practical Performance
K. Yoshida, H. Nagaushi, I. Sasaki, Y-B. Shen, Homei Kyo, Y. Hinata, A. Kazusaka,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) This report presents a fiber-optic sensing system developed for detection of isozymes reactions in living bodies. The fiber sensor consists of two of plastic optical fiber ; one is for delivery the optical power into a living body to excite fluorescent material that may indicate the metabolic activity of particular isozyme of cytochromeP450 and the other one for guiding fluorescent light to an optical detector. In order to confirm the system performance, isozyme of cytochrome P450 was induced in liver of living rats by giving toxicants generally known as environmental pollutants. The results we obtained show that isozymes of cytocromeP450 can be successfully detected through the fiber-optic sensing system. This implies that environmetal pollutants may be detecable through the combination of the biosensing system and the fiber-optic system.
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Keyword(in English) Optical fiber sensor / fiber-optic sensor plastic fiber / cytochrome P450 / Enzyme / Isozyme
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Conference Date 2000/5/18(1days)
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Title (in English) A Fiber-Optic Sensing System Developed for Detection of Isozyme of Cytochrome P450 and its Practical Performance
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Keyword(1) Optical fiber sensor
Keyword(2) fiber-optic sensor plastic fiber
Keyword(3) cytochrome P450
Keyword(4) Enzyme
Keyword(5) Isozyme
1st Author's Name K. Yoshida
1st Author's Affiliation Hokkaido Institute of Technology()
2nd Author's Name H. Nagaushi
2nd Author's Affiliation Hokkaido Institute of Technology
3rd Author's Name I. Sasaki
3rd Author's Affiliation Hokkaido Institute of Technology
4th Author's Name Y-B. Shen
4th Author's Affiliation Advanced Technology Inc.
5th Author's Name Homei Kyo
5th Author's Affiliation A-tic
6th Author's Name Y. Hinata
6th Author's Affiliation A-tic
7th Author's Name A. Kazusaka
7th Author's Affiliation Hokkaido University
Date 2000/5/18
Paper # OFT2000-8
Volume (vol) vol.100
Number (no) 84
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#Pages 6
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