Presentation 1998/4/27
Trial manufacture of low-skew optical fiber ribbon and cable
T Shimomichi, E Ino, K Ishida, N Okada, M Ohsawa, K Oohashi,
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Abstract(in English) Demand is increasing for fast and mass-storage communication between equipment such as computers, and there are high expectations for optical fiber ribbons as a means of achieving it. To realize optical parallel transmission, it is necessary to minimize the delay time difference (skew) between fibers in a ribbon. If a parallel optical transmission system will achieve a bit rate of a few Gbps, an allowable transmission skew is estimated to be less than 1 ps/m. It is known that the skew depends linearly on the fiber length difference in a ribbon, and also on the refractive index difference of the fibers used in the ribbon. In this trial, we made some samples and measured their skew. Also we examined the relationship between fiber strain and skew.
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Keyword(in English) optical fiber ribbon / low-skew optical fiber ribbon / optical cable
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Conference Date 1998/4/27(1days)
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Title (in English) Trial manufacture of low-skew optical fiber ribbon and cable
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Keyword(1) optical fiber ribbon
Keyword(2) low-skew optical fiber ribbon
Keyword(3) optical cable
1st Author's Name T Shimomichi
1st Author's Affiliation Fujikura Ltd.()
2nd Author's Name E Ino
2nd Author's Affiliation Fujikura Ltd.
3rd Author's Name K Ishida
3rd Author's Affiliation Fujikura Ltd.
4th Author's Name N Okada
4th Author's Affiliation Fujikura Ltd.
5th Author's Name M Ohsawa
5th Author's Affiliation Fujikura Ltd.
6th Author's Name K Oohashi
6th Author's Affiliation Fujikura Ltd.
Date 1998/4/27
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