Presentation 2004/7/1
High-speed retrieval of similar hand images for robotic hand control
Kiyoshi HOSHINO, Takanori TANIMOTO,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) The authors realized a system for retrieving the shape of human hand fingers in real time and with high accuracy, without using any special peripheral equipment such as range sensor, PC cluster, etc., by a method of searching similar image quickly and with high accuracy, from a large volume of image database containing complicated shapes and self-occlusion. In designing the system, we constructed a database in a way to be adaptable even to differences among individuals, and searched CG images of hand similar to unknown hand image, through extraction of characteristics using high-order local autocorrelational patterns, reduction of the amount of characteristics centering on principal component analysis, and prior rearrangement of data corresponding to the amount of characteristics. As a result of experiments, we realized a processing speed of 30 tips or over, and high-accuracy estimation of human hand shape.
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Keyword(in English) High-speed retrieval / Similar hand images / Hand image database / Self-occlusion
Paper # HIP2004-14
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Conference Date 2004/7/1(1days)
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Title (in English) High-speed retrieval of similar hand images for robotic hand control
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Keyword(1) High-speed retrieval
Keyword(2) Similar hand images
Keyword(3) Hand image database
Keyword(4) Self-occlusion
1st Author's Name Kiyoshi HOSHINO
1st Author's Affiliation University of Tsukuba()
2nd Author's Name Takanori TANIMOTO
2nd Author's Affiliation Japan Science & Technology Agency
Date 2004/7/1
Paper # HIP2004-14
Volume (vol) vol.104
Number (no) 168
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#Pages 8
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