Presentation 2002/12/13
Exaggerating Facial Movement
Harold HILL, Miyuki KAMACHI, Frank POLLICK, Alan JOHNSTON, Nikolaus TROJE,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Monomane artists are able exaggerate peoples' characteristic patterns of speech and movement, just as cartoonists can caricature their appearance. In this paper we use the central principal of automatic static facial caricature, exaggeration of differences relative to the average, in order to automatically exaggerate facial movement both spatially and temporally. Perceptual experiments suggest that spatial exaggerations are much more effective in made selectively exaggerating the intended emotion. However, even spatial exaggerations are time dependent, in that they are more effective when made relative to a time-locked average-it is critical to exaggerate differences in movement rather than movement per se. There do appear to be some general effects of timing on perceived emotion, with shorter durations indicating anger and longer sadness, but these are not specific to the intended emotion. The results are interpreted as showing that spatial rather than temporal or spatio-temporal cues are critical for this task, and that exaggeration only works when it amplifies task relevant differences from an appropriate average.
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Keyword(in English) Facial movement / exaggeration
Paper # HIP2002-46
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Title (in English) Exaggerating Facial Movement
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Keyword(1) Facial movement
Keyword(2) exaggeration
1st Author's Name Harold HILL
1st Author's Affiliation HIS Labs()
2nd Author's Name Miyuki KAMACHI
2nd Author's Affiliation HIS Labs
3rd Author's Name Frank POLLICK
3rd Author's Affiliation Department of Psychology, University of Glasgow
4th Author's Name Alan JOHNSTON
4th Author's Affiliation Department of Psychology, University College London
5th Author's Name Nikolaus TROJE
5th Author's Affiliation Fakultat f. Psychologie, Ruhr-Universitat-Bochum
Date 2002/12/13
Paper # HIP2002-46
Volume (vol) vol.102
Number (no) 534
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