Presentation 2004/3/18
Preliminary Study on Auditory and Vision Interaction with Contrast Stimuli
Yuichi KOBAYASHI, Tatsuya SHIBATA, Toshikazu KATO, Jun OHYA,
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Abstract(in English) We have been studying human subjective impressions for various visual contents. Substantially, people have an impression when not only the visual but also the other senses are activated. In this report, we have focused on the relationship between the vision and the auditory. In order to investigate their mutual affects, we focused on contrast. In this report, our purpose is to grasp the stimulus range where the interaction between the auditory and the vision can be seen. We performed psychological experiments with visual contrast stimuli and audio contrast stimuli. Accordingly, we found that the tendency of vision dominance over auditory can be seen when human sensitivity to luminance is bad such as in the case with brighter or darker stimuli. Moreover, the intensity of the tendency is stronger for inharmonic auditory stimuli than for harmonic auditory stimuli. As a result of the ANOVA test, the main effects are stronger when both visual stimuli and audio stimuli increase or decrease and the interaction is stronger when visual stimuli increases and audio stimuli decreases or vice versa. These results suggest that cross-modal effects are determined by the reliability of the visual and auditory information.
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Keyword(in English) Interaction between auditory and vision / Contrast / Temporal contrast / Dominance / ANOVA
Paper # MVE2003-122
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Conference Date 2004/3/18(1days)
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Title (in English) Preliminary Study on Auditory and Vision Interaction with Contrast Stimuli
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Keyword(1) Interaction between auditory and vision
Keyword(2) Contrast
Keyword(3) Temporal contrast
Keyword(4) Dominance
Keyword(5) ANOVA
1st Author's Name Yuichi KOBAYASHI
1st Author's Affiliation Media Information Science Labs., ATR:GITS, Waseda University()
2nd Author's Name Tatsuya SHIBATA
2nd Author's Affiliation School of Information Environment, Tokyo Denki University
3rd Author's Name Toshikazu KATO
3rd Author's Affiliation Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Chuo University
4th Author's Name Jun OHYA
4th Author's Affiliation GITS, Waseda University
Date 2004/3/18
Paper # MVE2003-122
Volume (vol) vol.103
Number (no) 745
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