Presentation 2003/3/11
Proposition of The Scope Cache Method with Pan-Tilt Sense
Norihiro SUZUKI, Tatsuhiro YONEKURA,
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Abstract(in English) In the monitoring system, when the movable camera at remote place is controlled, mechanical operation delay of it and transmission delay of network take place. They become the primary factor that may prolong the turnaround between the user's action and update of the screen which, in term, decreases operability of the user. As a solution of this problem, in our laboratory scope cache method has been proposed. As a result, turnaround is shortened, however, there remains some problems. They are (1) occurrence of distortion of the presented image depending upon the cutout position in the cache, (2) absence of the sensation of rotation (referred to as pan-tilt sense) in comparison with spherical mapping method. Thus, in this research, we proposed the scope cache method where pan-tilt sense is maintained. In this method, the distortion filter was applied to cutout segmentation. Pan-tilt sense is restored virtually by displaying the image is distorted equality not to depend on cutout position. In order to investigate the effect that this distortion filter gives to the pan-tilt sense of the user, subject experiment was carried out using the panorama image. There were three types of distortion filters. There are pincushion type, flat type and barrel type.
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Keyword(in English) cache / moveble camera / turnaround / distortion / pan-tilt sense
Paper # MVE2002-131
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Conference Date 2003/3/11(1days)
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Title (in English) Proposition of The Scope Cache Method with Pan-Tilt Sense
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Keyword(1) cache
Keyword(2) moveble camera
Keyword(3) turnaround
Keyword(4) distortion
Keyword(5) pan-tilt sense
1st Author's Name Norihiro SUZUKI
1st Author's Affiliation Faculty of Engineering, Ibaraki University()
2nd Author's Name Tatsuhiro YONEKURA
2nd Author's Affiliation Faculty of Engineering, Ibaraki University
Date 2003/3/11
Paper # MVE2002-131
Volume (vol) vol.102
Number (no) 737
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