Presentation 2003/11/28
Concepturization of Speaker's Cognitions and Machine Translations
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Abstract(in English) If we say that concepts are mesh to scoop out speaker's cognitions, language translations are considered to re-scoop the speaker's cognitions represented in the original language by using the concepts of target language and represent them by the target language. Motoki Tokieda pointed out that linguistic expressions are composed by Subjective Expressions and Objective Expressions. According to his Constructive Process Theory of languages, Objective Expressions are conceptualized expressions and Subjective Expressions are non-conceptualized Expressions. This means that non-conceptualized cognitions are also represented by linguistic expressions. And it contradict the above explanation about concepts. In order to solve this problem, we consider that Subjective Expressions also represent speaker's conceptualized cognitions. Based on this idea we expand the definition of conventional concept to complex concepts and propose a new machine translation principle via concepts.
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Keyword(in English) Speaker's Cognition / Subjective Expression / Objective Expression / Simple Concept / Complex Concept / Constructive Process Theory of languages
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Conference Date 2003/11/28(1days)
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Title (in English) Concepturization of Speaker's Cognitions and Machine Translations
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Keyword(1) Speaker's Cognition
Keyword(2) Subjective Expression
Keyword(3) Objective Expression
Keyword(4) Simple Concept
Keyword(5) Complex Concept
Keyword(6) Constructive Process Theory of languages
1st Author's Name Satoru IKEHARA
1st Author's Affiliation Faculty of Engineering, Tottori University()
Date 2003/11/28
Paper # TL2003-25
Volume (vol) vol.103
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