Presentation 2003/9/9
The Properties of Rehearsal Process for Pitch Information
Akihiro TANAKA,
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Abstract(in English) Dual task experiments were conducted to investigate the properties of pitch rehearsal process in "tonal loop". In experiment 1, pitch generation tasks interfered selectively with pitch memory task, not with phoneme memory task. The results show the independence of pitch rehearsal from phonological rehearsal. In experiment 2, memory performances were better in shorter melodies when participants were allowed to rehearse the melodies. In contrast, there were no significant differences between memory performances of shorter and longer melodies when they concurrently conducted the secondary task which requires pitch generation. These results confirm the hypothesis that there is an independent rehearsal process for pitch information, although it has common properties to phonological rehearsal process.
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Keyword(in English) melody / pitch / rehearsal / working memory / prosody
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Title (in English) The Properties of Rehearsal Process for Pitch Information
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Keyword(1) melody
Keyword(2) pitch
Keyword(3) rehearsal
Keyword(4) working memory
Keyword(5) prosody
1st Author's Name Akihiro TANAKA
1st Author's Affiliation Research Institute of National Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled()
Date 2003/9/9
Paper # TL2003-16
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