Presentation 2004/5/14
HAST Test of PCB for TEL/LAN Connector
Kouji AITA, Seiichi ONODA,
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Abstract(in English) When a newly developed TEL/LAN Rosette is used for the ISDN or Home Telephone System, considerably high DC voltage is happened to be applied to specific terminals of the rosette. In these situations, a kind of migration may be occurred, which spoils the insulation between strip lines on the circuit board connecting jack and clump terminals. In order to verify the reliability of the rosette, 200 hours of HAST test has been done for the circuit board under the application of DC voltage. As a result, very little changes in the insulation resistance were found. Considerations on the relation between resistance changes and the separation of the strip lines, as well as the observations of the color changes around the strip lines after the HAST stresses, show that migration does not occur and the rosette is sufficiently reliable.
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Keyword(in English) Telephone / LAN / Rosette / Printed Circuit Board / Pressure Cooker / HAST / Migration
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Title (in English) HAST Test of PCB for TEL/LAN Connector
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Keyword(1) Telephone
Keyword(2) LAN
Keyword(3) Rosette
Keyword(4) Printed Circuit Board
Keyword(5) Pressure Cooker
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1st Author's Name Kouji AITA
1st Author's Affiliation Watanabe Co.,Ltd.()
2nd Author's Name Seiichi ONODA
2nd Author's Affiliation Watanabe Co.,Ltd.
Date 2004/5/14
Paper # EMD2004-7
Volume (vol) vol.104
Number (no) 74
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