Presentation 2003/11/14
Contact Behaviors of New Material for Micro Relays (Session 6 : Contact Phenomena (2))
Terutaka Tamai,
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Abstract(in English) Ag(40wt%)-Pd(60wt%) alloy has been widely applied to various electromechanical devices as contact material. On the contrary, in application to the micro relays, failure due to the contact resistance is caused easily by both growth of oxide film on the contact surface and low contact force. To solve the increase in the contact resistance, an overlay of the thin Au or thin Au-Ag (8-10wt %) has been used on the alloy. On the contrary, cleanliness and low hardness of these overlays cause adhesion at contact interfaces, namely sticking in the relays. The increase in the contact resistance and the sticking are contrary to each other. In order to eliminate, these contrary properties, the author has studied improvement of the Ag-Pd alloy with a dopant. In the previous studies, low level of the contact resistance for both static and dynamic contacts of Ag-Pd with Mg doping found even if the contact surface was covered with oxide contaminant film. This paper presents, in the former part, excellent contact resistance and adhesion behaviors of the Ag-Pd-Mg alloy and their mechanisms, and also presents in the later part, surface contamination behaviors for organic gases.
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Keyword(in English) contact resistance / adhesion / sticking / Ag-Pd-Mg alloy / Ag-Pd alloy / contact material / micro relay
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Title (in English) Contact Behaviors of New Material for Micro Relays (Session 6 : Contact Phenomena (2))
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Keyword(1) contact resistance
Keyword(2) adhesion
Keyword(3) sticking
Keyword(4) Ag-Pd-Mg alloy
Keyword(5) Ag-Pd alloy
Keyword(6) contact material
Keyword(7) micro relay
1st Author's Name Terutaka Tamai
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Date 2003/11/14
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