Presentation 2003/4/11
The growth model of the Hot-Zone phenomenon
Hiroyasu Shingu, Tadashi Ueda, Tetuo Sumi, Yoshiyuki Uchida,
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Abstract(in English) There is a phenomenon which causes high temperature locally in the electric connection part. This phenomenon was named a hot-zone phenomenon. Then, we have done an experiment about this phenomenon. As for the occurrence of the hot zone phenomenon, there is a report so far, too. An experiment was made about the phenomenon when a hot-zone phenomenon glowthing it. It is reported about this experiment result. This experiment was used triangle wave-form current. Voltage wave form on both ends of Hot-Zone was observed with osilo-scope. Electric current wave form was observed at the same time, too. The characteristics of the wave form let us think about a Hot-Zone growth mechanism. We paid attention to two different wave form. It is the wave shape that one wave shape that one stands up, others fall down.
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Title (in English) The growth model of the Hot-Zone phenomenon
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1st Author's Name Hiroyasu Shingu
1st Author's Affiliation Aich Institut of Technology()
2nd Author's Name Tadashi Ueda
2nd Author's Affiliation Aich Institut of Technology
3rd Author's Name Tetuo Sumi
3rd Author's Affiliation Aich Institut of Technology
4th Author's Name Yoshiyuki Uchida
4th Author's Affiliation Aich Institut of Technology
Date 2003/4/11
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