Presentation 2003/11/14
Improvement in Cognitive Performance of a Neuronal Network by Neuromodulation
Mototsugu KATSUYA, Kouichi MITSUNAGA, Meihong ZHENG, Osamu HOSHINO,
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Abstract(in English) We propose a neuronal network model that is made of three dynamic systems: neuron-dynamics, synapse-dynamics and neurotransmitter-dynamics. The model consists of a cortical neuron (CN) network and a locus coeruleus (LC) network. Depending on neuronal activity, LC neurons release neurotransmitter norepinephrine (NE) into the CN network. We let the CN network carry out feature recognition tasks. When the CN network recognized an input feature, a certain cell ssembly relevant to the input feature was selectively activated. NE release into the CN network enhanced the cognitive performance of the CN network. The key process for the enhancement of the performance was the amplification of the membrane potentials of the CN neurons under the ongoing spontaneous neuronal activity state.
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Keyword(in English) Neuromodulation / Cognitive performance / Synapse dynamics
Paper # NLP2003-110
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Committee NLP
Conference Date 2003/11/14(1days)
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Registration To Nonlinear Problems (NLP)
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Title (in English) Improvement in Cognitive Performance of a Neuronal Network by Neuromodulation
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Keyword(1) Neuromodulation
Keyword(2) Cognitive performance
Keyword(3) Synapse dynamics
1st Author's Name Mototsugu KATSUYA
1st Author's Affiliation Faculty of Engineering, Oita University()
2nd Author's Name Kouichi MITSUNAGA
2nd Author's Affiliation Control Engineering Department, Oita Institute of Technology
3rd Author's Name Meihong ZHENG
3rd Author's Affiliation Department of Applied Physics and Chemistry, University of Electro-Communications
4th Author's Name Osamu HOSHINO
4th Author's Affiliation Faculty of Engineering, Oita University
Date 2003/11/14
Paper # NLP2003-110
Volume (vol) vol.103
Number (no) 463
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#Pages 6
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