Presentation 2004/4/16
Recent Developments and Future for MRAM
Tadahiko SUGIBAYASHI, Shuichi TAHARA, Kenji TSUCHIDA, Hiroaki YODA,
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Abstract(in English) In future ubiquitous systems, it is prospected that the performance of the nonvolatile memory has a big influence on the performance of a ubiquitous system. Therefore, to attain the superior performance of the nonvolatile memory, many nonvolatile memories of FeRAM, MRAM, PRAM, RRAM, which use material except the silicon, are proposed. Theoretically, MRAM has the characteristics of infinite rewriting tolerance, low operating voltage and wide operational temperature ange. After comparing the characteristic of the MRAM circuitry with that of the other new memory technologies, the recent situation of the MRAM developments is introduced and a future for MRAM is discussed.
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Keyword(in English) MRAM / Nonvolatile memory
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Title (in English) Recent Developments and Future for MRAM
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Keyword(1) MRAM
Keyword(2) Nonvolatile memory
1st Author's Name Tadahiko SUGIBAYASHI
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2nd Author's Name Shuichi TAHARA
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Date 2004/4/16
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