Presentation 2003/8/14
(110)-Surface Strained-SOI CMOS Technology
Tomohisa MIZUNO, Naoharu SUGIYAMA, Tsutomu TEZDUKA, Yoshihiko MORIYAMA, Shu NAKAHARAI, Shinichi TAKAGI,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) We have developed (110) strained-SOI n- and p-MOSFETs on (110) relaxed-SGOI with the Ge content of 25% for higher performance, applying the Ge condensation technique to SiGe layers on (110) SOI wafers. We have demonstrated, for the first time, that the electron and the hole mobility enhancements of (110) strained-SOI devices amount to 23% and 50%, respectively, against to the carrier mobilities of (110) unstrained MOSFETs. The carrier mobilities of (110) strained-SOI strongly depend on the current flow directions. As a result, the electron and the hole mobility ratios of (110) strained-SOI MOSFETs to the universal mobility of (100) bulk-MOSFETs increase up to 81% and 203%, respectively. Especially, this (110) hole mobility enhancement is larger by about 50% than that of (100) strained-SOI, and the current drive unbalance between n- and p-MOS can be reduced. Therefore, (110)-surface strained-SOI technology is also the candidate for higher speed scaled CMOS, optimizing the current flow directions of n- and p-MOS.
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Keyword(in English) (110)-surface / strained-SOI / CMOS / carrier mobility / current flow direction
Paper # SDM2003-121,ICD2003-54
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Conference Date 2003/8/14(1days)
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Title (in English) (110)-Surface Strained-SOI CMOS Technology
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Keyword(1) (110)-surface
Keyword(2) strained-SOI
Keyword(3) CMOS
Keyword(4) carrier mobility
Keyword(5) current flow direction
1st Author's Name Tomohisa MIZUNO
1st Author's Affiliation MIRAI-ASET()
2nd Author's Name Naoharu SUGIYAMA
2nd Author's Affiliation MIRAI-ASET
3rd Author's Name Tsutomu TEZDUKA
3rd Author's Affiliation MIRAI-ASET
4th Author's Name Yoshihiko MORIYAMA
4th Author's Affiliation MIRAI-ASET
5th Author's Name Shu NAKAHARAI
5th Author's Affiliation MIRAI-ASET
6th Author's Name Shinichi TAKAGI
6th Author's Affiliation MIRAI-ASET
Date 2003/8/14
Paper # SDM2003-121,ICD2003-54
Volume (vol) vol.103
Number (no) 261
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#Pages 5
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