Presentation 2003/7/10
High Speed Data Transfer Protocol using Optical Code Processing in WDM Networks
Yosuke KANITANI, Shin'ichi ARAKAWA, Masayuki MURATA, Ken-ichi KITAYAMA,
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Abstract(in English) For effectively utilizing the WDM network, OBS (Optical Burst Switching) where the wavelengths are reserved on demand basis is considered. To reduce the overhead time, the high-speed processing of the signaling message at each hop is imperative. However, conventional electronic processing are not fast enough and will eventually become a bottleneck as the bit rate of data link goes higher. To reduce the overhead time in OBS network, we propose an OC-TAG (Optical Code based Tell-And-Go) protocol for variable length of burst with no buffering, and fast burst transfer over the WDM network. The optical-code based processing is introduced for handling the out-of-band control packet. However, the optical-code based processing is not enough for the faster data transfer since if the data transfer request is blocked, a round-trip propagation delay is necessary to retransmit the data transfer request. In order to reduce the retransmission, a contention resolution facility utilizing fiber delay lines is introduced for each node. Through computer simulations, we show the effect of introducing our architectures.
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Keyword(in English) OBS / Optical Code / Fast data transfer / Fiber delay line / Retransmission
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Conference Date 2003/7/10(1days)
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Title (in English) High Speed Data Transfer Protocol using Optical Code Processing in WDM Networks
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Keyword(1) OBS
Keyword(2) Optical Code
Keyword(3) Fast data transfer
Keyword(4) Fiber delay line
Keyword(5) Retransmission
1st Author's Name Yosuke KANITANI
1st Author's Affiliation Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University()
2nd Author's Name Shin'ichi ARAKAWA
2nd Author's Affiliation Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University
3rd Author's Name Masayuki MURATA
3rd Author's Affiliation Cybermedia Center, Osaka University
4th Author's Name Ken-ichi KITAYAMA
4th Author's Affiliation Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
Date 2003/7/10
Paper # IN2003-35
Volume (vol) vol.103
Number (no) 197
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