Presentation 2002/6/14
Counting handovers and the number of talkspurt and silence periods in a cellular mobile communication network
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Abstract(in English) Modern wireless networks are evolving to provide data and multimedia services, in addition to the basic voice service. In this environment most of the traffic sources are bursty in their nature (e.g. Internet). It means, they alternate from a random-length Talkspurt (On) period to a random-length Silence (Off) period several times during a random session time. In a wireless cell, the proper dimensioning of network resources may depend on the handover statistics, as well as on the bandwidth needed for each service. This bandwidth requirement is a function of the statistical behavior of On-Off length periods. In this paper, we consider different probability distributions for the session time such as exponential, k-Erlang, and Pareto; whereas the Talkspurt and Silence periods are exponentially distributed. Thus, we compare the probability distribution and statistical moments for counting the number of cell crossings (handovers) and the random number of On-Off pairs in a session.
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Keyword(in English) wireless networks / packet networks / Internet / renewal theory
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Title (in English) Counting handovers and the number of talkspurt and silence periods in a cellular mobile communication network
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Keyword(1) wireless networks
Keyword(2) packet networks
Keyword(3) Internet
Keyword(4) renewal theory
1st Author's Name Ramon M. RODRiGUEZ-DAGNINO
1st Author's Affiliation ITESM (Monterrey Institute of Technology), Centro de Electronica y Telecomunicaciones Sucursal de correos "J" C.P.()
2nd Author's Name Hideaki TAKAGI
2nd Author's Affiliation Vice President, University of Tsukuba
Date 2002/6/14
Paper # IN2002-23
Volume (vol) vol.102
Number (no) 132
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