Presentation 2003/9/9
Stepwise Entropy Analysis
Kenichi Yoshida,
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Abstract(in English) The importance of analyzing semi-structured data, such as hyper linked WWW text, XML data and chemical formulae, promotes research on a group of data-mining methods which can handle trees, graphs, and other non-table format data. Among these, GBI: Graph Based Induction [1,2] is one of the incipient methods to extract hidden rules from graph-format data. This paper describes an algorithm, SEA: Stepwise Entropy Analysis, using the GBI method. Though the conventional GBI algorithm contracts with the input graph during the analysis, this new algorithm does not use a contraction operation. Although this new algorithm is still greedy, its greediness is slightly weakened by omitting the contraction operation. Another characteristic of SEA, the simultaneous discovery of the association rule and the classification rule, is also described.
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Keyword(in English) Graph based induction / entropy
Paper # AI2003-62
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Conference Date 2003/9/9(1days)
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Registration To Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge-Based Processing (AI)
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Title (in English) Stepwise Entropy Analysis
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Keyword(1) Graph based induction
Keyword(2) entropy
1st Author's Name Kenichi Yoshida
1st Author's Affiliation Graduate School of Business Science, University of Tsukuba()
Date 2003/9/9
Paper # AI2003-62
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