Presentation 2003/9/26
Nitrogen deficiency on GaN and AlGaN surfaces induced during thermal and plasma processings
Tamotsu Hashizume,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Effects of various device processings on chemical and electronic properties of AlGaN surfaces were investigated. The XPS analysis showed serious deterioration such as stoichiometry disorder and N-deficiency at the AlGaN surfaces processed by the high-temperature annealing, the H_2-plasma cleaning, the dry etching in CH_4/H_2/Ar plasma and the deposition of SiO_2. The N-deficiency could introduce a localized deep donor level related to N vacancy near-surface resion in AlGaN, probably causing serious reduction of the barrier heights at the AlGaN Schottky interfaces. A SiN_x passivation layer was effective in suppressing the formation of N-vacancy-related surface defects during device processings.
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Keyword(in English) GaN / AlGaN / surface / nitrogen vacancy / collapse / leakage
Paper # ED2003-153,CPM2003-123,LQE2003-71
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Conference Date 2003/9/26(1days)
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Title (in English) Nitrogen deficiency on GaN and AlGaN surfaces induced during thermal and plasma processings
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Keyword(1) GaN
Keyword(2) AlGaN
Keyword(3) surface
Keyword(4) nitrogen vacancy
Keyword(5) collapse
Keyword(6) leakage
1st Author's Name Tamotsu Hashizume
1st Author's Affiliation Research Center for Integrated Quantum Electronics, Hokkaido University()
Date 2003/9/26
Paper # ED2003-153,CPM2003-123,LQE2003-71
Volume (vol) vol.103
Number (no) 344
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