Presentation 2003/9/26
Fabrication of Schottky UV photodetector based on Al_<0.5>Ga_<0.5>N and its spectral responsivity
Hironori Yasukawa, Yoshihiro Kida, Akira Ishiga, Yasuhiro Shibata, Atsushi Motogaito, Hideto Miyake, Kazumasa Hiramatsu, Youichiro Ohuchi, Kazuyuki Tadatomo, Yutaka Hamamura, Kazutoshi Fukui,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) The Schottky UV photodetectors were fabricated using a Al_<0.5>Ga_<0.5>N epilayer grown on epitaxial AlN film on sapphire by LP-MOVPE, and their electrical and optical properties were characterized. Responsivity had risen up sharply for 260nm (4.7eV) corresponding with a bandgap of Al_<0.5>Ga_<0.5>N. The responsivity of AlGaN photodetector per unit area at193nm (ArF) increased 16 times compared with that of GaN photodetector and we found that it had high responsivity in the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) region. While, by inserting i-AlGaN layer between Schottky contact and n-AlGaN layer, dark current was decreased of 3 orders of magnitude and the responsivity had been improved. From these results, we confirmed that the Schottky UV photodetector based on Al_<0.5>Ga_<0.5>N epilayer is useful for detection in VUV region.
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Keyword(in English) AlGaN / UV detector / AlN / Schottky contact
Paper # ED2003-147,CPM2003-117,LQE2003-65
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Conference Date 2003/9/26(1days)
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Title (in English) Fabrication of Schottky UV photodetector based on Al_<0.5>Ga_<0.5>N and its spectral responsivity
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Keyword(1) AlGaN
Keyword(2) UV detector
Keyword(3) AlN
Keyword(4) Schottky contact
1st Author's Name Hironori Yasukawa
1st Author's Affiliation Mie University()
2nd Author's Name Yoshihiro Kida
2nd Author's Affiliation Mie University
3rd Author's Name Akira Ishiga
3rd Author's Affiliation Mie University
4th Author's Name Yasuhiro Shibata
4th Author's Affiliation Mie University
5th Author's Name Atsushi Motogaito
5th Author's Affiliation Mie University
6th Author's Name Hideto Miyake
6th Author's Affiliation Mie University
7th Author's Name Kazumasa Hiramatsu
7th Author's Affiliation Mie University
8th Author's Name Youichiro Ohuchi
8th Author's Affiliation Mitsubishi Cable Industries LTD.
9th Author's Name Kazuyuki Tadatomo
9th Author's Affiliation Mitsubishi Cable Industries LTD.
10th Author's Name Yutaka Hamamura
10th Author's Affiliation Nikon Corporation
11th Author's Name Kazutoshi Fukui
11th Author's Affiliation Fukui University
Date 2003/9/26
Paper # ED2003-147,CPM2003-117,LQE2003-65
Volume (vol) vol.103
Number (no) 344
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