Presentation 2002/10/4
Growth of HEMT Structure with InAlP Carrier Supply Layer
Haruki YOKOYAMA, Hiroki SUGIYAMA, Yasuhiro ODA, Takashi KOBAYASHI,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) InAlAs is used as a carrier supply layer in the conventional HEMT structure. When the thermal stability of HEMT was examined by the annealing experiments,the mobility decreased at the annealing temperature of more than 600℃. From SIMS analysis, it was found that the thermal diffusion of delta-doped Si resulted in this decrease. We proposed In(Al)P for suppression of Si diffusion and clarified that its diffusion constant was two order of magnitude lower than that of InAlAs. The suppression effect of Si diffusion on HEMT with an In(Al)P carrier supply layer was confirmed by the increase of mobility and improvement of annealing characteristics.
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Keyword(in English) InP / HEMT / InAlP / diffusion / mobility
Paper # CPM2002-107
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Conference Date 2002/10/4(1days)
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Title (in English) Growth of HEMT Structure with InAlP Carrier Supply Layer
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Keyword(1) InP
Keyword(2) HEMT
Keyword(3) InAlP
Keyword(4) diffusion
Keyword(5) mobility
1st Author's Name Haruki YOKOYAMA
1st Author's Affiliation NTT Photonics Laboratories()
2nd Author's Name Hiroki SUGIYAMA
2nd Author's Affiliation NTT Photonics Laboratories
3rd Author's Name Yasuhiro ODA
3rd Author's Affiliation NTT Photonics Laboratories
4th Author's Name Takashi KOBAYASHI
4th Author's Affiliation NTT Photonics Laboratories
Date 2002/10/4
Paper # CPM2002-107
Volume (vol) vol.102
Number (no) 366
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