Presentation 2004/5/31
Study of Design Technique of Real Database (Initial Report) : Data Structure Patterns in Real Database(1)
Kouichi WATASE, Shigeru YAMAYA,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Although normalization is one of techniques for data reduction, it seems to be currently the mainstream method for database design. In the relational database system code tables are stored in the database in advance, and after some virtual data tables are created as needed, the procedural-oriented logic is run. It poses the more burden on the processing as the deviation of the structure of the real database from that of database needed by an application become s greater. A real database should be designed to reduce to the burden on an application side and to improve the responses. For this purpose, without regard to the conventional data files of resources, events and summaries and their normalization, we devised to incorporated the concept of time into the resources and allow the transaction to be updated and succeeded in putting it into practice effectively in our system development. In this paper, the data structure patterns resources(with the time concept incorporated), traceability transactions are discussed.
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Keyword(in English) real database / updating of transaction / resources(with the time concept incorporated) / traceability transaction
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Conference Date 2004/5/31(1days)
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Title (in English) Study of Design Technique of Real Database (Initial Report) : Data Structure Patterns in Real Database(1)
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Keyword(1) real database
Keyword(2) updating of transaction
Keyword(3) resources(with the time concept incorporated)
Keyword(4) traceability transaction
1st Author's Name Kouichi WATASE
1st Author's Affiliation Asahi Denka Co. Ltd.()
2nd Author's Name Shigeru YAMAYA
2nd Author's Affiliation System Coordinate Inc.
Date 2004/5/31
Paper # DE2004-8
Volume (vol) vol.104
Number (no) 102
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