Presentation 2003/5/26
Generic Report Engine by Extended Select Expression Greese
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Abstract(in English) Grouping and paging functions are necessary on practical report generation with RDBMS. We can do its easily with a desktop database system e.g. Microsoft Access by GUI operations. Otherwise we need procedural programing of scripting language generally on server-side dynamic HTML generation. With Greese we can do its by descriptive templates. We can regard a Greese template as an extended SQL SELECT expression, can embed any texts in it, can make grouping by nested repeating and can make paging by repeating count specification.
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Keyword(in English) SQL / Database Publishing / HTML
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Conference Date 2003/5/26(1days)
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Title (in English) Generic Report Engine by Extended Select Expression Greese
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1st Author's Name Yasushi NAKAJIMA
1st Author's Affiliation Netstock Corporation()
Date 2003/5/26
Paper # DE2003-6
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