Presentation 2003/4/16
Development of SIS Mixers using Single-crystal NbN Films in the Sub-mm Wave Region
Akira KAWAKAMI, Yoshinori UZAWA, Masanori TAKEDA, Zhen WANG,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) We have developed SIS mixers at frequencies exceeding the Nb gap frequency using single crystal NbN films. We evaluated the DC and RF properties of the epitaxial NbN/MgO/NbN trilayers. The surface resistance of the epitaxial NbN films was estimated to be approximately 2.6-88 mΩ at 0.1-1.1 THz by using Josephson junctions with a microstrip resonator. These results indicate that epitaxially grown NbN/MgO/NbN trilayers can be used to produce devices that will work well for high-frequency superconducting applications in the frequency range between the Nb-gap to the NbN-gap frequencies. From the Fiske-step voltage, junction specific capacitance C_s was also estimated and they were about 70-120 fF/μm^2 at J_c = 40-3900 A/cm^2. An NbN/MgO/NbN SIS mixer was fabricated and the minimum DSB receiver noise temperature measured was 260 K at 795 GHz.
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Keyword(in English) NbN / MeO / NbN / epitaxial / surface resistance / junction specific capacitance / SIS mixer
Paper # SCE2003-8,MW2003-8
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Conference Date 2003/4/16(1days)
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Title (in English) Development of SIS Mixers using Single-crystal NbN Films in the Sub-mm Wave Region
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Keyword(1) NbN
Keyword(2) MeO
Keyword(3) NbN
Keyword(4) epitaxial
Keyword(5) surface resistance
Keyword(6) junction specific capacitance
Keyword(7) SIS mixer
1st Author's Name Akira KAWAKAMI
1st Author's Affiliation Communications Research Laboratory()
2nd Author's Name Yoshinori UZAWA
2nd Author's Affiliation Communications Research Laboratory
3rd Author's Name Masanori TAKEDA
3rd Author's Affiliation Communications Research Laboratory
4th Author's Name Zhen WANG
4th Author's Affiliation Communications Research Laboratory
Date 2003/4/16
Paper # SCE2003-8,MW2003-8
Volume (vol) vol.103
Number (no) 20
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