Presentation 2003/1/22
Fabrication of Josephson Tunnel Junctions Using Photosensitive Polyimide Insulator
Katsuya KIKUCHI, Shigemasa SEGAWA, Eun-Sil JUNG, Tomokazu OKAWA, Daisuke UMETSU, Hiroshi NAKAGAWA, Kazuhiko TOKORO, Hiroshi ITATANI, Masahiro AOYAGI,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) We proposed a new fabrication process for the Josephson tunnel junction using a photosensitive polyimide. Photosensitive polyimide is composed of block copolymerized polyimide and sensitizer. By utilizing the photosensitive polyimide, fabrication process of the Josephson tunnel junction can be simplified. We fabricated Nb/Al-AlO_x/Nb Josephson tunnel junctions using this new process. As a result of observing by SEM, steep steps of the junction edges were covered smoothly by the polyimide film. The junctions show excellent current-voltage (I-V) characteristics with V_m values more than 80 mV.
Keyword(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Keyword(in English) Photosensitive Polyimide / Josephson Tunnel Junctions / Block Copolymerized Polyimide with Solvent Solubility
Paper # SCE2002-34
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Committee SCE
Conference Date 2003/1/22(1days)
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Title (in English) Fabrication of Josephson Tunnel Junctions Using Photosensitive Polyimide Insulator
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Keyword(1) Photosensitive Polyimide
Keyword(2) Josephson Tunnel Junctions
Keyword(3) Block Copolymerized Polyimide with Solvent Solubility
1st Author's Name Katsuya KIKUCHI
1st Author's Affiliation NeRI,AIST()
2nd Author's Name Shigemasa SEGAWA
2nd Author's Affiliation PI R&D Co.,Ltd.
3rd Author's Name Eun-Sil JUNG
3rd Author's Affiliation NeRI,AIST
4th Author's Name Tomokazu OKAWA
4th Author's Affiliation Faculty of Engineering,Saitama Univ.
5th Author's Name Daisuke UMETSU
5th Author's Affiliation Faculty of Engineering,Chiba Inst.Tech.
6th Author's Name Hiroshi NAKAGAWA
6th Author's Affiliation NeRI,AIST
7th Author's Name Kazuhiko TOKORO
7th Author's Affiliation NeRI,AIST
8th Author's Name Hiroshi ITATANI
8th Author's Affiliation PI R&D Co.,Ltd.
9th Author's Name Masahiro AOYAGI
9th Author's Affiliation NeRI,AIST
Date 2003/1/22
Paper # SCE2002-34
Volume (vol) vol.102
Number (no) 612
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#Pages 4
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