Presentation 2004/7/23
Fault-tolerant routing algorithm in bubble-sort graphs
Yasuto SUZUKI, Keiichi KANEKO,
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Abstract(in English) An n-dimensional bubble-sort graph is a graph which is regular and symmetric. It has n! nodes and (n - l)n!/2 edges while its connectivity and diameter are n - 1, n(n - l)/2, respectively. Much attention is paid to a bubble-sort graph because of its simple and regular structure. In this paper, for an n-bubble-sort graph, we give an O(n^5)-time algorithm that solves the node-to-set disjoint paths problem: given a node s and a node set D = (d_1, d_2, ・・・) d_k} in a k-connected graph, find k internally disjoint paths between s and each d_i's in D. Once this problem solved, in the communication between s and d, at least one node can receive the massage even if the topology has k - 1 faulty edges and/or nodes. We also show that the total length of n - 1 paths given by the algorithm is of O(n^3). The simulation results show that the average time complexity of the algorithm and the average total length of the paths given by the algorithm are of O(n^<4.7>) and O(n^3), respectively.
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Keyword(in English) bubble-sort graph / disjoint paths / multicast / fault tolerance / polynomial-order algorithm
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Conference Date 2004/7/23(1days)
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Title (in English) Fault-tolerant routing algorithm in bubble-sort graphs
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Keyword(1) bubble-sort graph
Keyword(2) disjoint paths
Keyword(3) multicast
Keyword(4) fault tolerance
Keyword(5) polynomial-order algorithm
1st Author's Name Yasuto SUZUKI
1st Author's Affiliation Faculty of Technology, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology()
2nd Author's Name Keiichi KANEKO
2nd Author's Affiliation Faculty of Technology, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Date 2004/7/23
Paper # DC2004-13
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