Presentation 2002/10/3
Network measurement with a high accurate clock installed PC
Yoshiaki KITAGUCHI, Akihiko MACHIZAWA, Katsuya HAKOZAKI, Shin-ichi NAKAGAWA,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) With its increasing demand, today's network is facing to deal with a large amount of circuit capacity. Since bandwidth of access networks becomes a few Mbps now with ADSL networks and others, that of backbone networks exceeds 10 Gbps. For that kind of high-speed networks, the time granularity of measuring instruments matters while measuring the networks. The time granularity of today's generally used PCs (AT compatible machine) has its jitter at about 10 microseconds depending on performance of a crystal oscillator inside the PC. This degree of accuracy would not be enough to measure the bandwidth on high-speed networks mentioned above. We used high-accurate servers that could be enabled on an external signal at 10MHz instead of an internal crystal oscillator to measure the network. The tools that are presently widespread are used to measure the network and prove their usefulness in the paper.
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Keyword(in English) Network measurement / broadband network / high accurate time
Paper # IA2002-18
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Conference Date 2002/10/3(1days)
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Title (in English) Network measurement with a high accurate clock installed PC
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Keyword(1) Network measurement
Keyword(2) broadband network
Keyword(3) high accurate time
1st Author's Name Yoshiaki KITAGUCHI
1st Author's Affiliation Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan:Communications Research Laboratory:University of Electro-Communications()
2nd Author's Name Akihiko MACHIZAWA
2nd Author's Affiliation Communications Research Laboratory
3rd Author's Name Katsuya HAKOZAKI
3rd Author's Affiliation University of Electro-Communications
4th Author's Name Shin-ichi NAKAGAWA
4th Author's Affiliation Communications Research Laboratory
Date 2002/10/3
Paper # IA2002-18
Volume (vol) vol.102
Number (no) 361
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