Presentation 2003/3/15
Correlation between Manual and Non-Manual signals in JSL Dialogue
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Abstract(in English) The analysis of the process of JSL conversation, in which the signers' produce the signals, will help to clarify the structure of sign language and will be a guideline for sign language learning. We focused on the turn-taking in sign conversation and attempted to set up a model of sign conversation structure analysis. Using our Movie Analysis Tool (MAT) for dialogue movie analysis, we analyzed the dialog by the native signers and examined the duration of utterance and the overlapping of manual and non-manual signals. The recent linguistic studies show that those NMSs take important roles in sign language. Those overlapping were observed in another corpus data, such as KOSIGN. We will report the analysis for them. In this report, we examined duration of signing conversation and the overlap of a manual signal and a non-manual signal. As a result of analysis, we found a certain rule that the turn-taking occurred at the same time just before and after of the overlap. We also found a frequent head-nodding accompanied with the sign lexis. We would go on analyzing the more data collected before and examine the overlap of manual sign and non-manual signals to create more sophisticated model of signing dialog.
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Keyword(in English) JSL / conversation analysis / linguistic analysis / turn-taking
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Title (in English) Correlation between Manual and Non-Manual signals in JSL Dialogue
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Keyword(1) JSL
Keyword(2) conversation analysis
Keyword(3) linguistic analysis
Keyword(4) turn-taking
1st Author's Name Mina TERAUCHI
1st Author's Affiliation Polytecnic University()
2nd Author's Name Yuji NAGASHIMA
2nd Author's Affiliation Kogakuin University
3rd Author's Name Kazuyuki KANDA
3rd Author's Affiliation Chukyo University
Date 2003/3/15
Paper # WIT2002-79
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