Presentation 2003/3/14
Location detection by using Passive Sensors and TV images : Automatic recording system in Nursery Schools
Satoru KAWAKUBO, Masato SHIBUYA, Masaki OGAWA, Kimio SHINTANI, Toshihiro BANDO, Shigeo KANEDA,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) For low birth rate, it is desirable to develop automatic observation record making for nursery nurse and parents by using infant location data. Parents may feel uncomfortable, however, if such electromagnetic waves or ultrasonic waves are used to apply the infants. This paper proposes the new position detection by a passive sensor without using electromagnetic waves or ultrasonic waves, considering the application to the infant education field. The proposed system employs LSI accelerometers and TV animated image processing techniques. Each infant location is analyzed by the TV signal processing, and the each name of the infant is decided with the pattern matching between the TV image processing results and the accelerometer data. Experimental results show that pattern matching is successful by giving a marker to the infant. The identical marker can be given to each infant and it is advantageous as it can be handled easily and used generally in the infant education field.
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Keyword(in English) Sensor Information Integration / Application System / Kindergarten-School / Nurserly School
Paper # WIT2002-76
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Conference Date 2003/3/14(1days)
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Title (in English) Location detection by using Passive Sensors and TV images : Automatic recording system in Nursery Schools
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Keyword(1) Sensor Information Integration
Keyword(2) Application System
Keyword(3) Kindergarten-School
Keyword(4) Nurserly School
1st Author's Name Satoru KAWAKUBO
1st Author's Affiliation Doshisha University()
2nd Author's Name Masato SHIBUYA
2nd Author's Affiliation Doshisha University
3rd Author's Name Masaki OGAWA
3rd Author's Affiliation Doshisha University
4th Author's Name Kimio SHINTANI
4th Author's Affiliation Tokiwakai College
5th Author's Name Toshihiro BANDO
5th Author's Affiliation Doshisha University
6th Author's Name Shigeo KANEDA
6th Author's Affiliation Doshisha University
Date 2003/3/14
Paper # WIT2002-76
Volume (vol) vol.102
Number (no) 738
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