Presentation 2004/6/3
Robust Application-level Multicast Tree Construction for Wireless/Mobile Hosts
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Abstract(in English) IP multicast is an effective technology to distribute identical data simultaneously to multiple users. However, for technical and administrative reasons, IP multicast has not been globally deployed on the Internet. Another approach to multicast is application-level multicast. In application-level multicast, multicast related features, such as group membership management, multicast routing and packet replication, are implemented at endhosts instead of routers. Multicast delivery tree is constructed in the application layer, so all nodes in this tree are endhosts. Packet transmission between endhosts uses conventional IP unicast service. However, application-level multicast relying on endhosts is more fragile than IP multicast relying on routers. Especially, when the mobile host forwards packets to downstream hosts, the handover causes performance degradations on downstream hosts. In this paper, to alleviate the impact of a handover, we propose a new tree building protocol which locates mobile hosts on a leaf of multicast tree. The handover of the mobile host on a leaf does not affect other endhosts. To investigate performance of our protocol, it is compared with the existing application-level multicast protocol. Our simulation results show that our protocol outperforms the exisiting protocol from the view point of throughput performance.
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Keyword(in English) Wireless Networks / Handover / IP Multicast / Application-level Multicast
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Title (in English) Robust Application-level Multicast Tree Construction for Wireless/Mobile Hosts
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Keyword(1) Wireless Networks
Keyword(2) Handover
Keyword(3) IP Multicast
Keyword(4) Application-level Multicast
1st Author's Name Taku NOGUCHI
1st Author's Affiliation College of Information Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University()
2nd Author's Name Miki YAMAMOTO
2nd Author's Affiliation Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
Date 2004/6/3
Paper # NS2004-31
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