Presentation 2003/5/20
Safety of Platoon Drive
Tsuneharu SHIMODAIRA, Youhei ONO, Yoshinobu SATO, Koichi SUYAMA,
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Abstract(in English) Since at the entrance neighborhood of a tunnel, and the points with ups and downs of a road, the speed of a car tends to change, traffic congestion occurs frequently. Moreover, chronic traffic congestion continues in Metropolitan Expressway. Against these problems, utilization of automobile operation by computer control is expected. Automobiles communicate each other and the automobiles perform acceleration and slowdown all at once. Reaction delay is lessened and the distance between two cars is shortened. By this, traffic congestion can be eased, the move time of a physical distribution can be shortened, and the transportation efficiency of a commercial vehicle can be improved. Safety analysis of a platoon drive was performed in this research. The propriety of the composition of fail-safe and fail operable systems became clear by the A-C model.
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Keyword(in English) A-C model / platoon drive
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Conference Date 2003/5/20(1days)
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Title (in English) Safety of Platoon Drive
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Keyword(1) A-C model
Keyword(2) platoon drive
1st Author's Name Tsuneharu SHIMODAIRA
1st Author's Affiliation Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine Echujima()
2nd Author's Name Youhei ONO
2nd Author's Affiliation Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine Echujima
3rd Author's Name Yoshinobu SATO
3rd Author's Affiliation Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine Echujima
4th Author's Name Koichi SUYAMA
4th Author's Affiliation Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine Echujima
Date 2003/5/20
Paper # SSS2003-2
Volume (vol) vol.103
Number (no) 85
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