Presentation 2002/10/15
How does Deceleration of a Vehicle Affect the Following Vehicles? : simulation study
Tsutomu DOI,
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Abstract(in English) Rear-end collision on motorway is supposed. The simulation investigated the case when one vehicle in a platoon breaks suddenly, and then influences the following vehicle movements. The simulation model, called Optimum Speed Model, performed good stability in calculation. The result showed within 0.3G deceleration, it's wave transmits through the following vehicles increasingly, then gradually ceases as long as the initial vehicle gaps are appropriate.
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Keyword(in English) Motorway / Rear-end collision / deceleration / following vehicle / platoon / car following / simulation
Paper # SSS2002-21
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Conference Date 2002/10/15(1days)
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Title (in English) How does Deceleration of a Vehicle Affect the Following Vehicles? : simulation study
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Keyword(1) Motorway
Keyword(2) Rear-end collision
Keyword(3) deceleration
Keyword(4) following vehicle
Keyword(5) platoon
Keyword(6) car following
Keyword(7) simulation
1st Author's Name Tsutomu DOI
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Date 2002/10/15
Paper # SSS2002-21
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