Presentation 2004-09-10
A Novel Self-Excited ZVS Half-Bridge Converter with a Synchronous Half-Wave Rectifier
Tatsuya HOSOTANI, Kazurou HARADA, Yoshiyuki ISHIHARA, Toshiyuki TODAKA,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) A novel self-excited ZVS half-bridge converter with a synchronous half-wave rectifier is presented. In this converter a secondary rectifier is composed of a single MOSFET. Multi-on-time control system stabilizes output voltage and independently controls each on-time of FETs to achieve the ZVS operation of all FETs. The rectified current waveform is shaped like a half sinusoidal wave and ZCS operation of the rectifier is performed to reduce conduction loss during deadtime period. We analyze a state equation and the ZVS/ZCS conditions of the rectifying switch. We show the proposed converter can reduce loss in rectifier as compared with the flyback converter with synchronous rectifier prepared the deadtime. In the experiment this converter achieves high efficiency of 95.6% at 15.5V/6Aoutput and efficiency of 93.4% at 15.5V/12A output.
Keyword(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Keyword(in English) Synchronous Rectifier / Self-Excitation / Zero-Voltage-Switching / Zero-Current-Switching / Half-Bridge Converter
Paper # EE2004-34
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Committee EE
Conference Date 2004/9/3(1days)
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Registration To Energy Engineering in Electronics and Communications (EE)
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Title (in English) A Novel Self-Excited ZVS Half-Bridge Converter with a Synchronous Half-Wave Rectifier
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Keyword(1) Synchronous Rectifier
Keyword(2) Self-Excitation
Keyword(3) Zero-Voltage-Switching
Keyword(4) Zero-Current-Switching
Keyword(5) Half-Bridge Converter
1st Author's Name Tatsuya HOSOTANI
1st Author's Affiliation Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.:Doshisha University()
2nd Author's Name Kazurou HARADA
2nd Author's Affiliation Doshisha University
3rd Author's Name Yoshiyuki ISHIHARA
3rd Author's Affiliation Doshisha University
4th Author's Name Toshiyuki TODAKA
4th Author's Affiliation Doshisha University
Date 2004-09-10
Paper # EE2004-34
Volume (vol) vol.104
Number (no) 286
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#Pages 6
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