Presentation 2018-06-22
Analysis of electroencephalogram changes during voluntary hand and foot movement.
Sachiko Shiota, Yasunari Hashimoto,
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Abstract(in English) INTRODUCTION: Recently, electroencephalographic (EEG) changes called event-related desynchronization (ERD) and event-related synchronization (ERS) became an attractive area of research. ERD/ERS was often caused by body movements. Although many researchers have investigated the method of extracting the left-right difference in ERD/ERS, the optimal EEG derivation method has yet to be determined. In addition, there are few studies in which hands and feet movements are recorded simultaneously in individuals, and subject variance of ERD/ERS value is not known well. Therefore, in this study, we hypothesize that some subject who shows the large left-right difference of ERD/ERS caused by hand movement also shows large difference in foot movements. METHODS: Four healthy young subjects were recruited. EEG signals were recorded for 13 sites near on the sensorimotor cortex. The subject on a seat moved their left hand, right hand, left foot, or right foot in instructed order which displayed on a computer screen. In offline analysis, ERD/ERS of the four kinds of movements was calculated respectively. The ERD/ERS analyses was based on the Inter-trial variance method. RESULTS: ERD was observed in the 10 Hz band in the contralateral hemisphere during hand movements for all four subjects, and ERS was observed the 20 Hz band with bipolar derivation in during foot movements. The left-right differences of ERD or ERS are unrelated and it does not prove our hypothesis. Meanwhile, the ERS by foot show larger left-right difference than ERD. Discussion: It was suggested that 20 Hz ERS is effective to discriminate foot movement from EEG. Our result can be a basic knowledge of neuroscience and there is a possibility that it can be applied to real time EEG discrimination method in the future.
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Keyword(in English) EEG classification / Mu rhythm / Beta rhythm / Brain-machine interface / Event-related synchronization
Paper # MBE2018-14
Date of Issue 2018-06-15 (MBE)

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Conference Date 2018/6/22(1days)
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Chair Masaki Kyoso(TCU)
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Secretary Taishin Nomura(Kindai Univ.)
Assistant Takumi Kobayashi(YNU) / Yasuyuki Suzuki(Osaka Univ.)

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Title (in English) Analysis of electroencephalogram changes during voluntary hand and foot movement.
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Keyword(1) EEG classification
Keyword(2) Mu rhythm
Keyword(3) Beta rhythm
Keyword(4) Brain-machine interface
Keyword(5) Event-related synchronization
1st Author's Name Sachiko Shiota
1st Author's Affiliation Kitami Institute of Technology(Kitami Inst. of. Tech.)
2nd Author's Name Yasunari Hashimoto
2nd Author's Affiliation Kitami Institute of Technology(Kitami Inst. of. Tech.)
Date 2018-06-22
Paper # MBE2018-14
Volume (vol) vol.118
Number (no) MBE-106
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Date of Issue 2018-06-15 (MBE)