Presentation 2018-05-17
[Invited Talk] Development, Operation and Management Technology of Service Robot System
Hideya Yoshiuchi,
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Abstract(in English) Service robot market is rapidly arising and it is highly expected that service robot system is developed and deployed to satisfy various kinds of user requirements. In service robot system development, first task is to list up and analyze user and business requirements. In next step, developer of service robot system figure out software and hardware requirement, then consider architecture of service robot system to satisfy business requirements. After that, application software is designed and developed. The developed application software is tested through several levels of program verification process and assured its quality. After verification process, the quality-assured application software is deployed in service system and then system operation begins. In service system operation, system monitoring is very important to detect various kinds of errors and avoid system failure. The service robot system is smoothly operated and managed by continuing maintenance. Generally speaking, a part of system development and operation of service robot system has the same process and method as that of normal IT system. On the other hand, the service robot system includes not only servers and storage equipment, but also service robots in service location. Therefore, in service robot system development and operations, we must consider both ICT system requirement and service robot behavior. In this presentation, we overview technology of system development and management, then we consider the requirements and issues specific to the service robot system.
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Keyword(in English) Service Robot / System Development / System Operation and Management
Paper # ICM2018-1
Date of Issue 2018-05-10 (ICM)

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Conference Date 2018/5/17(2days)
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Chair Kiyohito Yoshihara(KDDI Research)
Vice Chair Yoichi Yamashita(NTT Neomeit) / Takumi Miyoshi(Shibaura Inst. Tech.)
Secretary Yoichi Yamashita(KDDI Research) / Takumi Miyoshi(NTT)
Assistant Yuncheng Zhu(Hitachi)

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Registration To Technical Committee on Information and Communication Management / Special Interest Group on Computer Security / Special Interest Group on Internet and Operation Technology
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Title (in English) [Invited Talk] Development, Operation and Management Technology of Service Robot System
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Keyword(1) Service Robot
Keyword(2) System Development
Keyword(3) System Operation and Management
1st Author's Name Hideya Yoshiuchi
1st Author's Affiliation Hitachi, Ltd.(Hitachi)
Date 2018-05-17
Paper # ICM2018-1
Volume (vol) vol.118
Number (no) ICM-39
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Date of Issue 2018-05-10 (ICM)