Presentation 2017-09-23
Toward automatic evaluation of shadowing data
Yasushi Tsubota, Kayoko Ito,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Recently, many shadowing research proved that shadowing has the positive effect on improving English proficiency. In spite of the positive effect, it's not easy to introduce shadowing practices into classroom, since evaluations by teachers are labor and time consuming works. With the development of automatic shadowing evaluation system, the burden of those evaluation work would dramatically decrease and it would be easier to introduce more effective shadowing practices. As a preliminary experiment, we collected 63 students' shadowing speech in two class for first year students at University A. Then, we asked three teachers to evaluation the following two things: 1. whether the important pronunciation is correctly pronounced or not, 2. mark the words which are not uttered at all. For those evaluation data, we set up two hypotheses: 1. At the timing of difficult words' appearance, the words, which are not uttered appear consecutively, and 2. as time passes by, words, which are not uttered decrease. Unexpectedly, we didn't find any supportive tendency for these two hypotheses. We also tried forced alignment with a speech recognition engine, called JULIUS and evaluated the delay between the model speech and students' speech, then we found that as time passes by, the delay increase. This imply that we can modify the second hypothesis. We will further investigate these hypotheses in the future.
Keyword(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Keyword(in English) English / Shadowing practice / Automatic Evaluation / Evaluation by teachers
Paper # TL2017-40
Date of Issue 2017-09-16 (TL)

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Committee TL
Conference Date 2017/9/23(1days)
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Place (in English) Kyoto Institute of Technology
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Topics (in English) Theme1: language and learning, Theme 2: interpretation and translation, Theme 3: thought and language, etc.
Chair Masami Suzuki(KDDI Research)
Vice Chair Tadahisa Kondo(Kogakuin Univ.) / Chiaki Kubomura(Yamano College of Aesthetics)
Secretary Tadahisa Kondo(Kobe Gakuin Univ.) / Chiaki Kubomura(Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Assistant Nobuyuki Jincho(Waseda Univ.) / Noriaki Takada(Ferris Univ.)

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Registration To Technical Committee on Thought and Language
Language JPN
Title (in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
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Title (in English) Toward automatic evaluation of shadowing data
Sub Title (in English) Evaluation of teachers' rating for students' shadowing data
Keyword(1) English
Keyword(2) Shadowing practice
Keyword(3) Automatic Evaluation
Keyword(4) Evaluation by teachers
1st Author's Name Yasushi Tsubota
1st Author's Affiliation Kyoto Institute of Technology(KIT)
2nd Author's Name Kayoko Ito
2nd Author's Affiliation Kyoto University(Kyoto Univ.)
Date 2017-09-23
Paper # TL2017-40
Volume (vol) vol.117
Number (no) TL-218
Page pp.pp.13-18(TL),
#Pages 6
Date of Issue 2017-09-16 (TL)