Presentation 2017-06-23
Analyzing trend of foods using multidomain data
Masashi Anzawa, Sosuke Amano, Kiyoharu Aizawa, Makoto Ogawa, Shin'ichi Satou,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) People's diet is influenced variously such as social and cultural factors. the trend of meal changes by TV and SNS besides season, event. In addition, People became to see and enjoy food as well as eating. In this study, we focus on four kinds of domain data which are meal record service FoodLog, Google trends showing popularity of web search, household survey data showing food purchase amount, and TV subtitle data show exposure degree on television. And we analyze similarity between domain data degree, influence of trends by media, and clarify differences in data properties. Furthermore, we verify the presence or absence of seasonality from the time series data with respect to the meal name.
Keyword(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Keyword(in English) Multidomain data / Food trends / Time series data analysis / Seasonality
Paper # DE2017-2
Date of Issue 2017-06-16 (DE)

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Committee DE
Conference Date 2017/6/23(2days)
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Chair Akiyo Nadamoto(Konan Univ.)
Vice Chair Koji Eguchi(Kobe Univ.) / Shingo Otsuka(Kanagawa Inst. of Tech.)
Secretary Koji Eguchi(Kogakuin Univ.) / Shingo Otsuka(Univ. of Marketing and Distrbution Science)
Assistant Kazuo Goda(Univ. of Tokyo) / Yuroaki Shiokawa(Tsukuba Univ.)

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Registration To Technical Committee on Data Engineering
Language JPN
Title (in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
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Title (in English) Analyzing trend of foods using multidomain data
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Keyword(1) Multidomain data
Keyword(2) Food trends
Keyword(3) Time series data analysis
Keyword(4) Seasonality
1st Author's Name Masashi Anzawa
1st Author's Affiliation The University of Tokyo(Univ. of Tokyo)
2nd Author's Name Sosuke Amano
2nd Author's Affiliation The University of Tokyo(Univ. of Tokyo)
3rd Author's Name Kiyoharu Aizawa
3rd Author's Affiliation The University of Tokyo(Univ. of Tokyo)
4th Author's Name Makoto Ogawa
4th Author's Affiliation foo.log Inc.(foo.log)
5th Author's Name Shin'ichi Satou
5th Author's Affiliation National Institute of Informatics(NII)
Date 2017-06-23
Paper # DE2017-2
Volume (vol) vol.117
Number (no) DE-108
Page pp.pp.7-10(DE),
#Pages 4
Date of Issue 2017-06-16 (DE)