Presentation 2016-12-19
Station Selection Scheme for In-Band Full-Duplex WLAN with UL-OFDMA for Reducting Transmission Delay
Naoto Iida, Takayuki Nishio, Masahiro Morikura, Koji Yamamoto, Toshihisa Nabetani, Tsuguhide Aoki,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Self-interference cancellation techniques enable in-band full-duplex wireless local area networks (WLANs), where nodes can transmit and receive simultaneously in the same frequency band. In particular, user-multiplexing unidirectional full-duplex (UFD) communication, where a full-duplex access point (AP) transmits a frame to a station (STA) and receives a frame from another STA, is a promising technology for broadband WLANs, since UFD is applicable for the conventional STAs without self-interference cancellation capability. However, the UFD communication increases an uplink transmission delay. In this paper, we propose a station selection scheme where combination of sender and receiver STAs are adaptively selected in order to increase a throughput and reduce the transmission delay. The scheme uses the UFD communication and uplink OFDMA system, and increases transmission opportunities of STAs. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme reduces the delay to the same level as the half-duplex system.
Keyword(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Keyword(in English) full-duplex wireless LAN / inter-user interference / delay / OFDMA
Paper # SRW2016-59
Date of Issue 2016-12-12 (SRW)

Conference Information
Committee SRW
Conference Date 2016/12/19(1days)
Place (in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Place (in English) Tokyo City Univ., Setagaya Campus
Topics (in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Topics (in English) WLAN, WPAN, Sensor Networks, etc.
Chair Hiroshi Harada(Kyoto Univ.)
Vice Chair Masafumi Kato(Fujitsu) / Satoshi Denno(Okayama Univ.)
Secretary Masafumi Kato(Tottori Univ.) / Satoshi Denno(NICT)
Assistant Wen Yun(Fujitsu) / Keiichi Mizutani(Kyoto Univ.)

Paper Information
Registration To Technical Committee on Short Range Wireless Communications
Language JPN
Title (in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Sub Title (in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Title (in English) Station Selection Scheme for In-Band Full-Duplex WLAN with UL-OFDMA for Reducting Transmission Delay
Sub Title (in English)
Keyword(1) full-duplex wireless LAN
Keyword(2) inter-user interference
Keyword(3) delay
Keyword(4) OFDMA
1st Author's Name Naoto Iida
1st Author's Affiliation Kyoto University(Kyoto Univ.)
2nd Author's Name Takayuki Nishio
2nd Author's Affiliation Kyoto University(Kyoto Univ.)
3rd Author's Name Masahiro Morikura
3rd Author's Affiliation Kyoto University(Kyoto Univ.)
4th Author's Name Koji Yamamoto
4th Author's Affiliation Kyoto University(Kyoto Univ.)
5th Author's Name Toshihisa Nabetani
5th Author's Affiliation TOSHIBA Corporation(TOSHIBA)
6th Author's Name Tsuguhide Aoki
6th Author's Affiliation TOSHIBA Corporation(TOSHIBA)
Date 2016-12-19
Paper # SRW2016-59
Volume (vol) vol.116
Number (no) SRW-374
Page pp.pp.13-18(SRW),
#Pages 6
Date of Issue 2016-12-12 (SRW)