Presentation 2016-08-25
Measurement of inter-core crosstalk in multi-core fibers using a near-infrared camera
Shota Saitoh, Yoshimichi Amma, Yusuke Sasaki, Katsuhiro Takenaga, Kazuhiko Aikawa,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) The use of multi-core fibers (MCFs) for space-division multiplexing has a great potential for dealing with the traffic growth of the optical networks. MCFs can be basically categorized to coupled or uncoupled structures. Recently, uncoupled MCFs with more than 20 cores have been reported. In such uncoupled MCFs, reduction of inter-core crosstalk (XT) is important and consequently evaluation of the XT is needed. In this paper, we propose a new method for measuring the XT using a near-infrared camera instead of using a power meter. In our method, alignments for receiving output power from a MCF are not required. Therefore, the measurement time is expected to be shortened especially when a high-core-count MCF is measured. The experimental results show that the XT of approximately -30 dB can be evaluated by our method.
Keyword(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Keyword(in English) Multi-Core Fibers / Crosstalk / Near-Infrared Camera
Paper # OCS2016-26
Date of Issue 2016-08-18 (OCS)

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Committee OCS / OFT / LSJ
Conference Date 2016/8/25(2days)
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Place (in English) Chitose-alcadia plaza
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Topics (in English)
Chair Akira Hirano(NTT) / Masayuki Shigematsu(Sumitomo Electric Industries)
Vice Chair Itsuro Morita(KDDI R&D Labs.)
Secretary Itsuro Morita(NTT) / (Sumitomo Electric Industries) / (NTT)
Assistant / Terutake Kobayashi(Fujikura) / IKutaro Ogushi(NTT)

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Registration To Technical Committee on Optical Communication Systems / Technical Committee on Optical Fiber Technology / The Laser Society of Japan
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Title (in English) Measurement of inter-core crosstalk in multi-core fibers using a near-infrared camera
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Keyword(1) Multi-Core Fibers
Keyword(2) Crosstalk
Keyword(3) Near-Infrared Camera
1st Author's Name Shota Saitoh
1st Author's Affiliation Fujikura Ltd.(Fujikura)
2nd Author's Name Yoshimichi Amma
2nd Author's Affiliation Fujikura Ltd.(Fujikura)
3rd Author's Name Yusuke Sasaki
3rd Author's Affiliation Fujikura Ltd.(Fujikura)
4th Author's Name Katsuhiro Takenaga
4th Author's Affiliation Fujikura Ltd.(Fujikura)
5th Author's Name Kazuhiko Aikawa
5th Author's Affiliation Fujikura Ltd.(Fujikura)
Date 2016-08-25
Paper # OCS2016-26
Volume (vol) vol.116
Number (no) OCS-197
Page pp.pp.7-10(OCS),
#Pages 4
Date of Issue 2016-08-18 (OCS)