Presentation 2015-12-21
Intersystem Cochannel Interference Detection Method with Signal Leakage in 60-GHz Proximity Wireless Communication Systems
Tsuyoshi Kogawa, Tomoya Tandai, Hideo kasami,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) This paper proposes an intersystem cochannel interference detection method in 60-GHz proximity wireless communication systems. In the proposed method, both the terminal 1 (T1) and the partner, terminal 2 (T2), detect cochannel interference. T1 periodically changes the frequency channel of the receiver part in order to intentionally receive and measure the quality of signal leakage from the transmitter of T1. In addition, T2 measures the quality of the received signals. When at least one terminal detects the degradation of the measured quality, it judges that there are the other systems and shares the information with the partner. To evaluate the performance of the proposed method, computer simulations are conducted with the assumption that the WiGig and the proposed system use the same channel in 60 GHz. The results show the effectiveness of the proposed method in terms of interference detection rate.
Keyword(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Keyword(in English) Intrersystem cochannel interfecence detection method / Signal leakage
Paper # SRW2015-63
Date of Issue 2015-12-14 (SRW)

Conference Information
Committee SRW
Conference Date 2015/12/21(1days)
Place (in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Place (in English) Toshiba
Topics (in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Topics (in English) WLAN,WPAN,Sensor networks ,etc.
Chair Hiroshi Harada(Kyoto Univ.)
Vice Chair Masafumi Kato(Fujitsu) / Satoshi Denno(Okayama Univ.)
Secretary Masafumi Kato(NTT) / Satoshi Denno(NICT)
Assistant Wen Yun(Fujitsu) / Keiichi Mizutani(Kyoto Univ.)

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Registration To Technical Committee on Short Range Wireless Communications
Language JPN
Title (in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Sub Title (in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Title (in English) Intersystem Cochannel Interference Detection Method with Signal Leakage in 60-GHz Proximity Wireless Communication Systems
Sub Title (in English)
Keyword(1) Intrersystem cochannel interfecence detection method
Keyword(2) Signal leakage
1st Author's Name Tsuyoshi Kogawa
1st Author's Affiliation Toshiba Corporation(Toshiba)
2nd Author's Name Tomoya Tandai
2nd Author's Affiliation Toshiba Corporation(Toshiba)
3rd Author's Name Hideo kasami
3rd Author's Affiliation Toshiba Corporation(Toshiba)
Date 2015-12-21
Paper # SRW2015-63
Volume (vol) vol.115
Number (no) SRW-386
Page pp.pp.31-36(SRW),
#Pages 6
Date of Issue 2015-12-14 (SRW)