Presentation 2022-03-11
[Invited Talk] Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Trust Related Issues for a Super-smart Society
Toshikazu Fukushima,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) This talk describes the trends and issues in policy and technological development for "Trustworthy AI". As the accuracy and performance of AI technology, especially deep learning, has improved and its applications have expanded to quality-critical fields such as transportation and medicine, concerns about the safety and reliability of AI have been raised. For example, the black box problem, bias problem, vulnerability problem, and abuse problem of AI have been pointed out. In order to tackle these problems, “Trustworthy AI” has been developed actively. It was extended from defining AI social principles and ethical guidelines to developing of AI system quality management guidelines required in the AI application development process, and also it is moving to the development and systematization of technologies, called “machine learning systems engineering” or “AI software engineering”, which includes explainable AI, machine learning system testing methods, and so on. Additionally, the relationship between AI quality and trust is discussed, because there are gaps between AI quality obtained through such technological development alone and social trust.
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Keyword(in English) Artificial Intelligence / Trustworthy AI / Trust / Super-smart Society / DX
Paper # SC2021-40
Date of Issue 2022-03-04 (SC)

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Committee SC
Conference Date 2022/3/11(1days)
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Topics (in English) Service Computing under DX, and general topics
Chair Shinji Kikuchi(NIMS)
Vice Chair Yoji Yamato(NTT) / Kosaku Kimura(Fujitsu Lab.)
Secretary Yoji Yamato(Kobe Univ.) / Kosaku Kimura(Tokyo Univ. of Tech.)
Assistant Shin Tezuka(Hitachi) / Takao Nakaguchi(KCGI)

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Title (in English) [Invited Talk] Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Trust Related Issues for a Super-smart Society
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Keyword(1) Artificial Intelligence
Keyword(2) Trustworthy AI
Keyword(3) Trust
Keyword(4) Super-smart Society
Keyword(5) DX
1st Author's Name Toshikazu Fukushima
1st Author's Affiliation Center for Research and Development Strategy, JST(JST)
Date 2022-03-11
Paper # SC2021-40
Volume (vol) vol.121
Number (no) SC-437
Page pp.pp.32-32(SC),
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Date of Issue 2022-03-04 (SC)