Presentation 2022-02-27
Study of Stress Relief Service for Elderly People at Home Using Videos
Hiro Horie, Sinan Chen, Masahide Nakamura, Kiyoshi Yasuda,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) In recent years, Japan has been facing a super-aging society, and the number of elderly people living at home (including elderly requiring nursing care, living alone) has been increasing. For each elderly spend a lot of time at home, how to deal with their individual stresses (e.g., deepening loneliness, worries about life, etc.) is a big challenge. Our research group is currently conducting research and development of a system to support watching over elderly people at home. In our previous study, we developed and proposed a YouTube video playback service, and conducted an evaluation experiment with elderly people. However, the search and specification of videos to be viewed by the elderly depends on family members and caregivers, and the videos may differ from the wishes of the elderly themselves. Based on previous research, the purpose of this study is to develop a prototype of a personalized video recommendation and viewing web service to promote stress reduction among the elderly at home. As an approach, we first obtain information on the hobbies and preferences of the elderly at home through a questionnaire survey (e.g., paper-based, Google form, etc.). Next, based on the results of the questionnaire, the service automatically recommends a list of relevant videos (by relevance and number of views) from the YouTube site. By registering the list of recommended videos to the service, the elderly can watch personalized videos at any time. This will enable the elderly to easily watch videos of interest to them, and is expected to help them relieve stress.
Keyword(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Keyword(in English) Elderly at home / Watching videos / Stress relief / Individual adaptive type / Smart healthcare
Paper # HIP2021-59
Date of Issue 2022-02-20 (HIP)

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Committee HIP / ITE-HI / ASJ-H / VRPSY
Conference Date 2022/2/27(2days)
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Chair Shuichi Sakamoto(Tohoku Univ.) / Takehiro Nagai(Tokyo Inst. of Tech.) / Hiroaki Kato(NICT) / Shinji Nakamura(Nihon Fukushi Univ)
Vice Chair Yuji Wada(Ritsumeikan Univ.) / Sachiko Kiyokawa(Nagoya Univ.) / / Shuichi Sakamoto(Tohoku Univ.)
Secretary Yuji Wada(NTT) / Sachiko Kiyokawa(NICT) / (NHK) / Shuichi Sakamoto(Kinki Univ.) / (Kanagawa Univ.)
Assistant Yuki Yamada(Kyushu Univ.) / Daisuke Tanaka(Tottori Univ.) / Ippei Negishi(Kanazawa Inst. of Tech.)

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Language JPN
Title (in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
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Title (in English) Study of Stress Relief Service for Elderly People at Home Using Videos
Sub Title (in English)
Keyword(1) Elderly at home
Keyword(2) Watching videos
Keyword(3) Stress relief
Keyword(4) Individual adaptive type
Keyword(5) Smart healthcare
1st Author's Name Hiro Horie
1st Author's Affiliation Kobe University(Kobe Univ.)
2nd Author's Name Sinan Chen
2nd Author's Affiliation Kobe University(Kobe Univ.)
3rd Author's Name Masahide Nakamura
3rd Author's Affiliation Kobe University(Kobe Univ.)
4th Author's Name Kiyoshi Yasuda
4th Author's Affiliation Osaka Institute of Technology(OIT)
Date 2022-02-27
Paper # HIP2021-59
Volume (vol) vol.121
Number (no) HIP-381
Page pp.pp.1-6(HIP),
#Pages 6
Date of Issue 2022-02-20 (HIP)