Presentation 2021-08-27
[Invited Talk] Low noise optically referenced 300GHz millimeter-wave based on an integrated optical frequency comb
Tomohiro Tetsumoto, Tadao Nagatsuma, Martin Fermann, Gabriele Navickaite, Michael Geiselmann, Antoine Rolland,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) There has been a growing interest in low phase noise 300 GHz oscillators stimulated by movements such as continuous extension of frequency band coverage in wireless communication. Optical frequency division based on optical frequency combs has enabled record low phase noise at micro- and millimeter-wave frequencies below 100 GHz, however, designing the system including device selection needs to be conducted carefully to employ the method in the 300 GHz wave domain efficiently. In this study, we propose a way to apply the optical frequency division to an integrated optical frequency comb with a repetition frequency of 300 GHz, and generate a low phase noise 300 GHz wave through photo-detection of the stabilized comb with an ultra-fast photodiode. The obtained phase noise at 10 kHz offset frequency of -100 dBc/Hz, measured with a devised system, is the lowest value in the 300 GHz wave domain.
Keyword(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Keyword(in English) Optical frequency comb / Optical microresonator / Nonlinear optics / Microwave photonics
Paper # R2021-22,EMD2021-3,CPM2021-12,OPE2021-23,LQE2021-2
Date of Issue 2021-08-20 (R, EMD, CPM, OPE, LQE)

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Committee R / LQE / OPE / CPM / EMD
Conference Date 2021/8/27(1days)
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Chair Tadashi Dohi(Hiroshima Univ.) / Toshitada Umezawa(NICT) / Takaaki Ishigure(Keio Univ.) / Yuichi Nakamura(Toyohashi Univ. of Tech.) / Yoshiki Kayano(Univ. of Electro-Comm.)
Vice Chair Yasushi Kadota(Ricoh) / Junichi Takahara(Osaka Univ.) / Toshikazu Hashimoto(NTT) / Hideki Nakazawa(Hirosaki Univ.)
Secretary Yasushi Kadota(Hiroshima Univ.) / Junichi Takahara(Kansai Univ.) / Toshikazu Hashimoto(NTT) / Hideki Nakazawa(Hamamatsu Photonics) / (Tokushima Univ.)
Assistant Shinji Yokogawa(Univ. of Electro-Comm.) / Takahide Yoshikawa(Fujitsu Lab.) / Takenori Sakumura(Housei Univ.) / Shinsuke Tanaka(Fujitsu) / Nobuhiko Nishiyama(Tokyo Inst. of Tech.) / Hirokazu Kobayashi(Kochi Univ. of Tech) / Tadashi Murao(Mitsubishi Electric) / Yasuo Kimura(Tokyo Univ. of Tech.) / Fumihiko Hirose(Yamagata Univ.) / Noriko Bamba(Shinshu Univ.) / Yuichi Hayashi(NAIST) / Kazuaki Miyanaga(Fujitsu Component)

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Registration To Technical Committee on Reliability / Technical Committee on Lasers and Quantum Electronics / Technical Committee on OptoElectronics / Technical Committee on Component Parts and Materials / Technical Committee on Electromechanical Devices
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Title (in English) [Invited Talk] Low noise optically referenced 300GHz millimeter-wave based on an integrated optical frequency comb
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Keyword(1) Optical frequency comb
Keyword(2) Optical microresonator
Keyword(3) Nonlinear optics
Keyword(4) Microwave photonics
1st Author's Name Tomohiro Tetsumoto
1st Author's Affiliation IMRA America Inc.(IMRA)
2nd Author's Name Tadao Nagatsuma
2nd Author's Affiliation Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering Science(Osaka Univ. Grad. School)
3rd Author's Name Martin Fermann
3rd Author's Affiliation IMRA America Inc.(IMRA)
4th Author's Name Gabriele Navickaite
4th Author's Affiliation LIGENTEC SA(LIGENTEC)
5th Author's Name Michael Geiselmann
5th Author's Affiliation LIGENTEC SA(LIGENTEC)
6th Author's Name Antoine Rolland
6th Author's Affiliation IMRA America Inc.(IMRA)
Date 2021-08-27
Paper # R2021-22,EMD2021-3,CPM2021-12,OPE2021-23,LQE2021-2
Volume (vol) vol.121
Number (no) R-158,EMD-159,CPM-160,OPE-161,LQE-162
Page pp.pp.4-7(R), pp.4-7(EMD), pp.4-7(CPM), pp.4-7(OPE), pp.4-7(LQE),
#Pages 4
Date of Issue 2021-08-20 (R, EMD, CPM, OPE, LQE)