Presentation 2019-08-10
Rule-Based Talking Service to Elderly at Home for Efficient Mind Sensing
Haruhisa Maeda, Sachio Saiki, Masahide Nakamura, Kiyoshi Yasuda,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) In order to support sustainable in-home long-term care, it is essential to monitor mental states of elderly people at home, as well as to encourage their ability of self-care. However, the technical challenges include the limitations on human interventions and sensor-based monitoring, as well as daily recording and externalizationof mental states. In this research, we propose Mind Monitoring Service, which aims to monitor mental states and promote self-care of elderly people at home. In the proposed service, an agent asks a user specific questions to acquire his/her mental state. Based on the answers, the service then assesses the mental state and sends feedback. We implement a prototype service, and evaluate the feasibility of the service through a preliminary experiment. The results show that data characterizing mental states of individual subjects was obtained successfully, and that some subjects externalized their minds by feedback from the service.
Keyword(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Keyword(in English) in-home long-term care / elderly monitoring system / mental state / sensing / agent / chatbot
Paper # WIT2019-10
Date of Issue 2019-08-03 (WIT)

Conference Information
Committee WIT
Conference Date 2019/8/10(1days)
Place (in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Place (in English) Teikyo University, Utsunomiya Campus (TBD)
Topics (in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Topics (in English) Well-being Information Technology, etc.
Chair Daisuke Wakatsuki(Tsukuba Univ. of Tech.)
Vice Chair Shinji Sakou(Nagoya Inst. of Tech.)
Secretary Shinji Sakou(Saitama Industrial Tech. Center)
Assistant Manabi Miyagi(Tsukuba Univ. of Tech.) / Minako Hosono(AIST) / Aki Sugano(Nagoya Univ.)

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Registration To Technical Committee on Well-being Information Technology
Language JPN
Title (in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Sub Title (in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Title (in English) Rule-Based Talking Service to Elderly at Home for Efficient Mind Sensing
Sub Title (in English)
Keyword(1) in-home long-term care
Keyword(2) elderly monitoring system
Keyword(3) mental state
Keyword(4) sensing
Keyword(5) agent
Keyword(6) chatbot
1st Author's Name Haruhisa Maeda
1st Author's Affiliation Kobe University(Kobe Univ.)
2nd Author's Name Sachio Saiki
2nd Author's Affiliation Kobe University(Kobe Univ.)
3rd Author's Name Masahide Nakamura
3rd Author's Affiliation Kobe University(Kobe Univ.)
4th Author's Name Kiyoshi Yasuda
4th Author's Affiliation Osaka Institute of Technology(OIT)
Date 2019-08-10
Paper # WIT2019-10
Volume (vol) vol.119
Number (no) WIT-165
Page pp.pp.7-12(WIT),
#Pages 6
Date of Issue 2019-08-03 (WIT)