Information and Systems-Natural Language Understanding and Models of Communication(Date:2021/02/18)

Connecting Text to The Collective Human Intelligence

Kumon Tokumaru(Writer),  

[Paper #]NLC2020-21
A Case Exploration Tool for Sales Activities with Domain Viewpoints

Mariko Sugawara(FUJITSU Lab.),  Sachiko Onodera(FUJITSU Lab.),  

[Paper #]NLC2020-28
Classification of disaster tweets for damage assessment, and improvement by feature analysis

Yuto Oikawa(KIT),  Ptaszynski Michal(KIT),  Fumito Masui(KIT),  

[Paper #]NLC2020-22
Analyzing the behavior of university entrance examinees from social media

Katsumi Akiyama(OUJ),  

[Paper #]NLC2020-23
Predicting Discussion Structures in Multi-party Conversations

Takumi Himeno(KIT),  Kazutaka Shimada(KIT),  

[Paper #]NLC2020-29
Sarcasm Detection with Japanese Wikipedia Entity Vector

Xu Xufei(KIT),  Hiai Satoshi(KIT),  Shimada Kazutaka(KIT),  

[Paper #]NLC2020-27
Keyword analysis using the annotation function in the daily report input system

Hiroki Tanioka(Tokushima Univ.),  Taisuke Suzuki(SUNLOFT),  Hiroshi Imai(SUNLOFT),  Hiroshi Shikanai(SUNLOFT),  Tomoyuki Noguchi(SUNLOFT),  Yumi Hattori(SUNLOFT),  Shota Mochizuki(SUNLOFT),  Toshitaka Matsuda(SUNLOFT),  

[Paper #]NLC2020-24
Proposal of a News Article Comments Generation Model for Early Automatic Detection of Fake News

Yuta Yanagi(UEC),  Ryohei Orihara(UEC),  Yasuyuki Tahara(UEC),  Yuichi Sei(UEC),  Akihiko Ohsuga(UEC),  

[Paper #]NLC2020-30
[Invited Talk] History of Text Mining over a Quarter of a Century and its Future Potential

Tesuya Nasukawa(IBM),  

[Paper #]NLC2020-25
[Invited Talk] Text mining for everyone and text analytics in future

Makoto Ichise(NTT DOCOMO),  

[Paper #]NLC2020-26