Information and Systems-Neurocomputing(Date:2012/09/27)



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Comparison of Normalization Methods for Image Features Employed in Human Detection by Shape-Based Features

Shohei IWAMOTO,  Akitoshi HANAZAWA,  

[Paper #]NC2012-36
Detection of risk behaviors for elder people by using depth images

Shota TATEBA,  Akitoshi HANAZAWA,  

[Paper #]NC2012-37
Human detection by gradient orientation histogram applied on local color correlation distributions


[Paper #]NC2012-38
Quantitative evaluation of non-verbal communication using inter-subject correlation of motion information in head regions

Kotaro URYU,  Akitoshi HANAZAWA,  

[Paper #]NC2012-39
Robot Control Using a Neural Oscillator

Kiyotoshi MATSUOKA,  

[Paper #]NC2012-40
An auto-cruise control system by using attractor dynamics to navigate a mobile robot to trace the desired orbit

Kosuke ONO,  Hiroaki WAGATSUMA,  

[Paper #]NC2012-41
Application of Neural Oscillator on a Control Model of Ocular Following Responses

Seiya SETOGUCHI,  Kenichiro MIURA,  Akitoshi HANAZAWA,  

[Paper #]NC2012-42
Measurement of smile intensity for dementia elders attempting estimation of recovery in emotional function

Akitoshi HANAZAWA,  Katsuki NAKAMURA,  

[Paper #]NC2012-43
Associative memory model storing memory pattern with correlation structure : Case of memory pattern arranged on a plane

Yuta SAHO,  Tomoyuki KIMOTO,  

[Paper #]NC2012-44
Shape Space Represented by Product Manifold : Implementation by Power of SOM


[Paper #]NC2012-45
Tensor Decomposition using Self-Organizing Map and Missing Data Estimation


[Paper #]NC2012-46
Improvement of Gesture Recognition based on Higher-rank Self-Organizing Map with Graph-based Distance

Norihiro FUJITA,  Keiichi HORIO,  

[Paper #]NC2012-47
An Application of the Virtual Magnetic Diminuendo Method to Combinatorial Optimization Problems : Towards Autonomous System for Effective Assignment

Hiroshi WAKUYA,  Taichi INOUE,  Hideaki ITOH,  Hisao FUKUMOTO,  Tatsuya FURUKAWA,  

[Paper #]NC2012-48
The modulation of long-term depression affecting distance-dependent synaptic weight distribution and directional spike propagation in a recurrent network

Toshikazu SAMURA,  Eriko Sugisaki,  Yutaka Sakai,  Hatsuo HAYASHI,  Takeshi Aihara,  

[Paper #]NC2012-49
The relationship of electroencephalogram (EEG) coherence and boredom

Touma KATAYAMA,  Kiyohisa NATSUME,  

[Paper #]NC2012-50
Learning and application of dynamic binary neural networks

Ryota KOUZUKI,  Yuta NAKAYAMA,  Toshimichi SAITO,  

[Paper #]NC2012-51
Effects of Collision and Insensitivity in Particle Swarm Optimizers for Multi-solution Problmes

Kazuki MARUYAMA,  Toshimichi SAITO,  

[Paper #]NC2012-52
A routing algorithm for mobile ad hoc networks based on multi-agent learning

Toru FUJISHIRO,  Hidehiro NAKANO,  Arata MIYAUCHI,  

[Paper #]NC2012-53
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